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GET Mobile ID

Where YOU are in control of your Identity

What is Mobile ID (mDL)?

Mobile ID, or mobile driver’s license (mDL) is a highly secure, official version of your driver’s license or state-issued ID card (mID) on your phone.  It is not a picture of your ID on your phone.  

It is an app built with you as our priority. We have designed our mobile ID app around you, the user, to put you in charge of with whom you choose to share your identity with.  You also chose when, and what information to disclose.

Our GET mDL follows the ISO/IEC standard 18013-5 ensuring interoperability across state lines and the world.

GET Mobile ID

GET Mobile ID provides convenience and security and interoperability as an alternate to a physical ID card.  Your phone never leaves your hand and transmissions are always encrypted.  Available for both Android and iOS. 

GET Mobile Verify

GET Mobile Verify gives relying parties the ability to inspect and verify a mobile ID for instant validation of age and authenticity. It works quickly, and will integrate seamlessly into your business flow as an app or integrated SDK.

GET Mobile Administrator

GET Mobile Administrator allows government ID card issuers to quickly and securely make the move to digital. Forward-thinking governments will be able to digitize their ID documents and give citizens control of their own ID data. 

KEep your identity safe...
GET Mobile ID securely holds your mDL and gives you full control over your identity data. You are the only one with access to your personal information and the only one who can decide to share it.
And your Transactions secure....
Share only the information needed in any interaction. Quickly verify your age at a liquor store or your driving privileges for car rental, leaving out any extra personal details. Only you see where you’ve used your mDL.

Where can I use my mDL?

Next time you are our for a drink with friends, allow the waiter to scan the QR code on your mobile ID to verify your identity in seconds.

Skip digging through your wallet to find your license next time you fly. Let the TSA agent authenticate your mobile ID with a simple tap.

When out purchasing a bottle of wine, use a quick tap of your phone to an NFC pad to share only your age and photo.

Make the Move to Mobile

with GET Mobile ID

How does the Mobile ID work?

With a simple tap or scan!

Verify your identity with a scan of a QR code from your GET Mobile ID Application

Similar to digital payments, prove your identity with a tap of your phone on an NFC reader.

Soon, verification capabilities will work over Bluetooth from a longer distance.

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