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GET Verified

GET Mobile Verify can verify mobile IDs from all states!

What is GET Mobile Verify?

GET Mobile Verify is an app for iOS and Android that accepts mDLs and verifies that they are authentic and unaltered. 

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Mobile verification will bring the future of identity to your business. Innovative new technology will help you protect your business and your customers by preventing fraud and streamlining services.

How can you trust a mDL?

Issuers from every continent have agreed on a standard for mobile ID and mDL. They e-sign the data on the mDL.

Your customers don’t flash you an image on their phone. Your reader checks the Issuer e-signature cryptographically, with QR code scan or NFC tap.

Downloadable apps are one way to accept mDLs. Readers can be built on any device with a scanner, camera, or NFC.

How can accepting mDLs improve your business?

Increase Clientele...

Customer left their wallet at home? No problem. Easily authenticate mobile ID information you need with a quick scan.

Reduce Risk...

Checking ID is no longer based solely on visual verification. Reduce the risk of fraud and have confidence that your customer’s mobile ID is accurate and up-to-date. 

Save Time...

Speed up ID verification with GET Mobile Verify integrated into your current point of sale payment terminals or from a mobile phone application. 

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