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Below are some of the more commonly asked questions we get.

For mDL Holders

The GET Mobile apps require an iOS or Android smart device. 

iOS devices must run at least iOS 12. iOS 13.2.2 is required to use NFC to tap your ID.

Android devices must run Android 8 or later, and Android 10 or later is recommended.

No, an image of your driver’s license is not trustworthy. It's too easy to photoshop a fake. Your GET Mobile ID is a secure application with many privacy protection layers to keep your mDL safe and to let you tap or scan to share your ID wherever you do business.

mDL lets you "interact" with reader devices in different ways. You can select the data that you want to share and then either tap or scan your mobile phone, giving the reader permission to securely connect and read only the information you approved.

When you use any existing way to change your driver's license or ID information, you don't have to wait for a new plastic card... your issuer/state will push the changed data directly to your mDL.

Your government issuer stands behind their mDL by electronically signing the data to put under your control. Since electronically signed data can be verified by any business, mDL is your official government ID document under your control on your mobile device.

More and more businesses are accepting mDLs and improving their customer service.

Mobile driver's licenses follow AAMVA Guidelines an International Standard (ISO 18013-5). Your state electronically signs your ID information before placing it under your control on your mobile phone. This ensures no one can tamper with your data and that a reader device can verify what you share. 

For the forseeable future, mDLs will not replace physical cards, similar to how contactless payment has not replaced credit and debit cards but rather augmented their use.

You only share what you need to be approved for the transaction. Unlike your physical card, with mobile ID you do not have to hand over the entire card and all your data. The liquor store cashier does not need to know where you live, just that you are above the legal age. GET Mobile ID gives you control of what data you share and what you keep private. Share age, contact info, or your full card.

No. State Government does not want to track your usage of ID cards or mDL. The AAMVA Guidelines specifically require privacy protections within applications and ISO 18013-5 Annex E contains privacy requirements for all parties in the ecosystem. The GET Mobile ID solution resists tracking through technical measures and has taken commercially available approaches to information security as per our privacy policy.

GET Mobile has taken multiple measures to ensure the safety of your data. You are the only one with access to your personal information and the application is protected by a PIN code, face match, or fingerprint. You control the amount of data you share when you tap to use your ID and you are the only one who can see a record of where you have used your mobile ID. Your privacy is our priority.

GET Mobile ID has multiple security measures to prevent identity fraud. The app requires a PIN code, fingerprint, or face scan to unlock, and only you can confirm your identity to businesses. You can remotely wipe your phone to guarantee privacy and provision your mDL onto your new device.

As with airplane boarding passes, carrying your physical document as backup is always a good idea, especially while the number of business accepting mobile documents is growing.

For Verifiers

You can accept the mDL using our Verifier app available on the app store and play store.  Once downloaded, you can easily scan the QR code to verify proof of age.

GET Mobile Verify will typically throw away the data after validating the signature, and when you close the screen. 

Within Settings for the app, there is a feature to “Enable Verification Logs”.  When Logs are turned on, the transaction data is logged and held within the application (on the device) for 7 days after which only a receipt of the transaction remains.  This allows a business to comply with retention laws (e.g., Utah restaurants).

To turn the logs on or off, go into Settings.  In Android, scroll down to History, and enable/disable the verification logs.  In iOS, scroll down to Verification Logs and then toggle the button on or off.

The mDL data is always up to date.  The local Motor Vehicle Division for the state pushes out the data hourly.

You can get the Verifier app from the Google Play Store or in the App Store for iOS.

You can verify a mDL with a scan of a QR code, NFC tap or with Bluetooth technology.

Online mode is when you are connected with Wi-Fi.  In offline mode, your request will not connect to the state's system of record and the information received is not updated in real time.  You would use offline mode if you do not have internet access.

Utah is leading the world in the deployment of a mobile driver's license that follows the International Standard for mDL (ISO 18013-5).  See an interactive map of mobile ID progress in the US:

And issuers in Sweden, Australia, and around the world are also deploying mobile IDs and driver's licenses.

Check out GET Mobile ID resources page for a more in-depth look at GET Mobile technology:

Mobile Identity | GET Group North America ( 

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