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Utah mDL

Our goal is to create a mobile DL / ID solution that will be accepted anywhere that a current Driver License or State ID is accepted or utilized.

The Utah mDL is live!

We are excited to share that our mDL with Utah Driver License Division is now live!
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Driver License Division

Our mission is to license and regulate drivers in Utah and promote public safety

In 2019, the Utah Legislative session, Senate Bill SB100 was passed, which tasked the Driver License Division with implementing an “Electronic License Certificate” pilot in 2021, and a working production model that meets the ISO standard in 2022.

In 2022 Utah will be offering the mobile driver license and identification card as an option.

Accepted Everywhere

Use at banks, restaurants, retail stores, car rentals.  The possibilities are endless.  mDL creates an ecosystem because businesses accept mDLs with a Verifier. 

Improve Privacy

With a physical card, all of your data is shared.  With a mobile ID, only the chosen data is shared.  Your phone never leaves your hand.

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