Contactless ID


Mobile driver’s licenses  – making purchases more convenient and secure

Digital Age Verification

Increased safety and security!

Verifying personal identification or age is an important part of doing business.  And relying on proof of identity for age-restricted purchases is crucial.

A mobile drivers license or ID, can provide age verification safely and securely for retail purchases that require verification.  Authentication of identification without the need to physically change hands increases the safety for both the cashier and their customer.

Improve Retail Experiences.......

Store credit

Use an mDL to securely open a line of credit account at retail and department stores.


Show proof of age for alcohol, tobacco and other age-related purchases without revealing all of your information.  You share only what your choose.

And pharmacy

Safely prove who you are when picking up prescriptions and other federally mandated items, sharing only the required information.  

Tap or Scan & Go

Putting the customer in control

Official Identification

Official mobile driver’s licenses and identity cards are recognized as a legal form of ID making everyday transactions easier, safer and more secure.

Digital Verification

Digital verification allows the customer to be in control and determine the amount of personal data that is shared for a transaction.

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