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From Curb to Boarding Gate with Just Your Phone

Travel Convenience with High Security

From Curb to Boarding Gate with Just Your Phone 

Mobile Driver’s Licenses can speed up the travel experience for travelers while increasing security, speed, and accuracy at every checkpoint along the journey!   

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) accepts Mobile Driver’s Licenses (mDL) at many airports around the US.  Utah’s mDL can speed up your security experience.   

Forward-thinking Airlines can implement ISO/IEC 18013-5 readers to speed their customer’s travel through the airport.  GET Mobile Verify for Windows-based kiosks can firmly establish legal ID for travelers and provide exactly the information that matches secure flight lists and feeds biometric boarding systemsImagine, check in once and sail through the airport. 

Contactless Travel at.......

Speed up your customer’s travel experience and improve the health and safety of your employees by implementing Contactless Travel from curb to gate. 


Use an mDL to accurately identify the traveler and collect digitally signed information with their consent to fill out boarding passes and biometric services. 


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) accepts Mobile Driver’s Licenses (mDL), including from GET Mobile ID, at many airport checkpoints around the US. 


Within the airport, travelers can quickly verify age at restaurants and lounges, or share identity information (linked to boarding pass) for take-away purchases.  


Biometric boarding systems are already in use at certain airport gates with great success. Forward-thinking airlines can populate this boarding, upon user consent, using the digitally signed portrait directly from the Mobile Driver’s License. 

Official Identification

Official mobile driver’s licenses and ID cards are recognized as a legal form of ID making travel faster and more secure. 

Digital Verification

Digital verification is more accurate and can allow customers to get ticketed and through the airport. 

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